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Temporal Veins (Temple Veins)

A common place to get annoying veins on the face is the side of the forehead, just above the eyes and eyebrows, in the area of the skull called the “temple”. It is actually the temporal area, as this is usually the first area that grey hair is seen, and hence shows the passing of time.

Veins in this area tend to run down from the top of the scalp, across the temple vertically and then under the eye.

These veins tend to be blue or green.

If they are quite fine and do not bulge, then they should be treated using a laser across the skin. This is performed in Absolute Aesthetics using an ND:YAG laser.

However, if the veins are larger and bulging, then they are usually too big for treatment with laser. Laser from outside of the body going across the skin can only get a certain amount of energy into a vein. If the vein is too big and bulging, the very large amount of energy needed to destroy the vein would also burn the skin.

Therefore in these cases, we have developed a local anaesthetic technique to remove this vein by phlebectomy. This is done through minute incisions under local anaesthetic. The wounds and bruising usually heal within a few days to 2 weeks. Once these have healed, any residual small veins can then be treated with the ND:YAG laser at Absolute Aesthetics.

Please note that these temporal veins are completely different from the superficial temporal artery. The superficial temporal artery is a very prominent and tortuous vessel in the temple area, which is always colourless. In addition, if you feel very gently you can feel a pulse in this vessel as it is an artery. If you want to remove the superficial temporal artery, please see the page on temporal arteries.

If you have green or blue veins in your temporal area and want to get rid of them, please send us some photographs so we can assess whether you are best assessed by our surgeons at The Whiteley Clinic for removal, or our aesthetic practitioners at Absolute Aesthetics for laser treatment.

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