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A Valuable New Leg Ulcer Treatment

BioxyQuell machine for treatment of leg ulcers

BioxyQuell™ is a revolutionary treatment for leg ulcers that reduces pain, increases healing and reduces recurrence.

Patients with leg ulcers can have a miserable time as the ulcers usually require constant attention and regular dressings. An ulcer can be embarrassingly smelly, causing a lot of social problems and in some cases, the leg ulcer can be very painful.

Research has shown that leg ulcers are usually covered with bacteria and other micro-organisms (microbes). These stop the ulcer from healing, cause discharge and smell and are often the cause of pain felt in the ulcer.

You would think that simply cleaning the wound or giving antibiotics would get rid of this problem – however these measures do not work as the bacteria and microbes in leg ulcers produce protective biofilms to hide within.


Many doctors and nurses take wound swabs from leg ulcers to see what bacteria and microbes might be growing there, with a view to choosing an antibiotic to treat the patient with. However, unless the patient has a very high temperature and the bacteria and microbes are in the blood stream, the antibiotics do not get into the leg ulcer and so are useless.

The reason for this is that when the bacteria or microbes land on the leg ulcer, they start reproducing, making small groups and colonies. In order to survive, the bacteria and microbes need to stick firmly to the ulcer surface and need to protect themselves from anything that might try to kill them.

Therefore these colonies of bacteria and microbes produce a slime-like substance that surrounds them, holding the bacteria and microbes firmly on the leg ulcer surface and stopping antibodies from the patient or antibiotics from harming the colony.

Normal cleaning and dressing of the leg ulcers does not remove these biofilms and antibiotics cannot penetrate them. Therefore the normal practice of cleaning and dressing the leg ulcers makes very slow progress – if any progress at all.


This revolutionary new device not only penetrates and destroys these biofilms, but also kills the bacteria and microbes hidden inside of them.

BioxyQuell is a machine that produces oxygen peroxide (ozone) in large quantities. Oxygen peroxide is one of the most effective chemicals for killing bacteria and microbes, and it also denatures and washes away their biofilms. When used correctly, it is virtually harmless to human tissue. Indeed, BioxyQuell is also used to sterilise medical surfaces, even being used in places such as hospital operating theatres.

The BioxyQuell machine makes oxygen peroxide and mixes it with sterile water in a special process called entraining.

The resulting liquid is then pumped out of the machine through a tube connected to a small shower unit. This is then used to shower the leg ulcers, allowing the oxygen peroxide to wash away the biofilms and kill all of the bacteria and microbes.

Results of BioxyQuell

BioxyQuell has now been used in several scientific studies on treating leg ulcers of all different types.
It has now been proven that when BioxyQuell is used to treat leg ulcers, it significantly:

  • Reduces pain
  • Speeds up healing
  • Heals more leg ulcers
  • Reduces recurrence

By using BioxyQuell on average just 3 times for 15 minutes over the course of just one week, researchers were able to markedly reduce the pain of leg ulcers whilst increasing the speed of healing. They also found that ulcers healed with the help of BioxyQuell were less likely to come back again.

The results from BioxyQuell have been so good that it has now been included as part of The Whiteley Protocol® in the treatment of leg ulcers.