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What is Venous Eczema?


Venous eczema is a condition that affects the legs. The skin becomes red, flaky and itchy.

venous eczema treatment - before and after Venous Eczema is the name given to the rough and itchy skin, often pink or red, that can be found on the legs in some people. It is usually found around the ankles or lower legs and is caused by varicose veins and venous reflux (hidden varicose veins). Although people with varicose veins can usually see them, people with venous reflux (hidden varicose veins) have the same problem with their veins but do not know that they have it, as the veins are hidden deep under the skin.

The most important thing to know about venous eczema is that it is totally curable provided that is treated correctly by an expert in varicose veins and venous disease – such as the experts at The Whiteley Clinic who follow The Whiteley Protocol®.

Traditional treatments including creams and support stockings temporarily help improve Venous Eczema, but actually do nothing to the underlying cause. If the underlying cause isn’t treated properly, the venous eczema usually progresses. This progression can lead to a worsening of the Venous Eczema, or further skin damage or even to leg ulceration.