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Symptoms of Venous Eczema


Venous Eczema In order to recognise Venous Eczema, the first thing is to think of it. Any patch of red or roughed or itchy skin on the lower leg or legs might be a symptom of Venous Eczema. It is usually around the ankle or lower leg, due to the fact that the blood falling or ‘refluxing’ down the veins without valves, usually hits this area. Sometimes, especially if there is a very big varicose vein near the surface, a patch of Venous Eczema can appear either directly over or very close to the varicose vein – which might even be on the thigh.

In a great many people, the eczema is seen but the veins are not (see the section on ‘hidden varicose veins’ above). Therefore, if you can’t see varicose veins, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t Venous Eczema.

If the patch of eczema is over the knee, then it is less likely to be Venous Eczema. If there are patches of eczema elsewhere on the body, especially on the arms or scalp, then the patches on the legs are less likely to be a venous cause. However, they might be – as venous reflux is such a common problem.