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Medical Vein and Leg Ulcer Services Continue


Following months of planning and implementing our “COVID Secure” processes along with BUPA accrediting all our clinics with a COVID-19 Safety Badge, and the recent Prime Minister’s address on 04 January 2021, The Whiteley Clinic will continue to provide services with medical conditions due to venous disease, at The Whiteley Clinic in Guildford, London and Bristol.

As per NICE Guidelines, Medical Conditions due to venous disease include:

  • Varicose veins or “hidden varicose veins” causing:
    • Aching, tenderness, tired legs
    • Swelling ankles
    • Skin damage on lower legs (eczema, red or brown patches)
  • Venous leg ulcers
  • Phlebitis (painful lumpy veins)
  • Bleeding from leg veins

If you are worried about your venous health and are uncertain what to do, please contact us.

If your venous problem is only causing you an aesthetic (cosmetic) problem, and there are no symptoms or signs, we will be happy to see you after the current lockdown is lifted.

Please contact us so we can keep you informed and book you in when appropriate.

Video consultations:

Please note that we are still providing video consultations for all patients who would prefer a consultation remotely, and who have a condition or questions that can be assessed this way.

Protecting patients and staff – being COVID-19 secure:

The Whiteley Clinic has produced a COVID-19 protocol to keep patients and clinical staff as safe as possible during any patient visit to The Whiteley Clinic.

The protocol has been independently reviewed and approved by Cordell Health.

Safety for patients:

All members of staff and all patients will have their temperatures tested on arrival (All staff will have their temperatures tested again halfway through day). Anyone with a temperature of 37.8 °C or more will be sent away immediately and will have to get a COVID test.

Any member of staff who tests positive, or lives with anyone who test positive, will not be permitted to enter the clinic.

Any member of staff who develops any signs or symptoms, or who lives with anyone who develops any signs or symptoms, will not be permitted to enter the clinic.

Advice for patients with venous problems who wish to have consultation, investigations, or treatment at the current time:

    • If you, or anyone who lives with you, develops any signs or symptoms that might be related to COVID-19, please do not come to the clinic. Instead, please start your self-isolation and contact us to let us know the position. Such signs and symptoms have been well-publicised but include a dry cough, a temperature of 37.8°C or more, a loss of smell.

    • If you, or anyone who lives with you, tests positive for COVID-19 on a PCR test, even if asymptomatic, please do not come to the clinic. Instead follow the advice you are given by whoever has performed the test and contact us to let us know your position.

If you do come to the clinic:

  • Come by car, motorbike, bicycle, or walking. Please try not to come by public transport.

  • Please arrive on time. We are only admitting patients at the time of their appointment.

  • We ask that you come into the clinic alone. We are only allowing one accompanying person if strictly necessary i.e. translation, immobility, or other medical needs.

  • On entry to the clinic, please use the hand sanitiser at the door.

  • When you do come into the clinic, please observe the 2m social distancing rules. There are tapes on the floor in the clinic to assist you.

  • If you wish to have a mask for your visit, please ask and one will be provided for you.

  • Toilet facilities are available but only one person is allowed to use them at a time. They will be cleaned between each use.

  • Refreshments (water, tea or coffee) will be brought to you if required in disposable cups.

  • Biscuits are available on request. Once they have been served in a sealed package, they will be thrown away even if not eaten.

  • We have removed all magazines, newspapers and other items that might be handled by more than one person so please do bring your own electronic or paper reading material if you wish.

During any test or treatment where you will need to come within the 2m social distancing:

  • You are to wear a mask.

  • Members of staff will be wearing masks, eye protection and gloves (PPE).

  • For procedures, the staff will also be wearing waterproof gowns in addition to masks, eye protection and gloves (PPE).

You will be asked to leave the clinic as soon as you have completed your assessment, investigation, or treatment with us, provided we are happy you are medically safe to do so.

For more information please contact us on the details below:
Phone 0330 058 1850
Email [email protected]