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Bring your venous research studies to the home of endovenous surgery in the UK

Background of the The Whiteley Clinic

The Whiteley Clinic was founded in 2001 following the introduction of endovenous surgery to the UK by Prof Mark Whiteley and Judy Holdstock in March 1999. Mark and Judy performed the first endovenous procedure using the original bipolar VNUS catheter, entering the great saphenous vein under ultrasound control below the knee. At the time, this was a novel approach as the first of these procedures in Europe were performed through open incisions in the groin and incorporated ligation of the Saphenofemoral Junction. Having performed the first endovenous procedure in the UK, Mark and Judy went on to develop the technique further, inventing the TRLOP (TRansLuminal Occlusion of Perforators) in 2001 working with the US to design the RFS catheter for perforator ablation.

Since those early days of endovenous surgery, The Whiteley Clinic has grown into an internationally respected centre for research and development in the area of venous disease, as well as treating over 1000 patients per year within our clinics around the UK. The head office is in Guildford on the Surrey Research Park where, with close links with the University of Surrey, The Whiteley Clinic has its research base. In vitro and in vivo studies in both human and non-human tissue can be performed to ensure the very best scientific data can be extracted for regulatory requirements, developmental projects or commercial justification. For clinical studies, The Whiteley Clinic in Guildford, London and Bristol to find access to large populations allowing us to perform clinical studies quickly and efficiently, with for clinical, patient reported and duplex for as required.

Our research experience (publications, awards, press)

The team at The Whiteley Clinic has a wealth of experience at producing research into venous disease ranging from the immunocytochemistry of vein walls during treatment, through haemodynamic studies at venous flows and pressures, to outcome studies of different endovenous procedures and even economic and psychological studies on the well-being of patients during endovenous surgery.

Once we complete a study, we have a wide experience of promoting the results through:

  • websites and social media
  • broadcasting press
  • papers and magazines
  • medical conferences both national and international (via abstract or invitation)
  • peer-reviewed publications
  • review articles

Facilities available for research projects

Through our strong links with the University of Surrey and our expanding network of clinics, we are able to perform virtually any sort of study related to endovenous surgery, allowing us to take a product from the drawing board to producing prototypes, through proof of principle in in vitro models, development of the product, regulatory studies in human and non-human subjects, histological and immunocytochemical investigations, preliminary human studies, commercialisation with single centre of a multicentre clinical studies and post market surveillance. Our team has experience in working with University ethics committees for university-based trials and NHS ethics committees for single centre or multicentre clinical research studies.

We are able to perform all of these steps if required or any combination of these studies and investigations, coordinating our efforts with other units that are involved in the research.

Bring your endovenous research to The Whiteley Clinic

Intellectual property and copyright of any studies performed at The Whiteley Clinic and University of Surrey through The Whiteley Clinic will reside with the studies sponsor and will be formally transferred on completion of the agreed study and payment thereof.

Once results are approved by the sponsor, The Whiteley Clinic will work with the sponsor to publicise the results of the study to the public through digital media, paper media and PR/marketing and to the profession through conferences, guest lectures, professional organisations, peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed journals and articles.

We are happy to tailor our efforts to your research requirements and will work with you to provide a quote that is as cost-effective as possible.

For more information on research here at The Whiteley Clinic, please email us at research@thewhiteleyclinic.co.uk

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