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At The Whiteley Clinic we encourage all patients to obtain a referral from their general practitioner.

A proper medical referral allows us to be notified of any special factors related to any individual patient and allows us the opportunity to feedback results from our investigations as well as outcomes from our procedures. This is the traditional way of providing the best medical care for patients.

We accept referrals from all medical or nursing practitioners to either individuals at any of The Whiteley Clinics or to The Whiteley Clinic in general, in which case our expert staff will determine the most appropriate clinic practitioner to see the patient at a time and place most convenient for them.

Referrals can be made by:

The Whiteley Clinic (referrals)
1 Stirling House
Stirling Road
Guildford GU2 7RF

Or can be sent to any of our individual clinics listed on “Our Clinics” page. However all referrals will be coordinated through the central administration and so the above address will speed the referral.

Central administration (referrals) phone number: 01483 477180
Fax: 01483 477194
E-mail: info@thewhiteleyclinic.co.uk

Telephone: We can give advice or guidance by telephone or via our online chat facility, accessed through our website. However, any telephone referral needs to be confirmed by letter, fax or email.

Many patients now choose to refer themselves. As this is their choice, we respect their decision and accept self-referrals. However, all patients who do so are asked that they allow us to keep their own general practitioner informed of their attendance, results and any treatments for good medical practice and the reasons outlined above. However, we do respect the wishes of those patients who specifically request their privacy and do not want their doctors to be informed. In such cases, full records are kept so that if the patient changes their minds in the future, all information can be sent at a later date.