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Endovenous training


The Whiteley Clinic offers a comprehensive training schedule that covers the full spectrum of endovenous procedures.

Endovenous Training at The Whiteley Clinic

Endovenous Training Course – The Whiteley Clinic

The Whiteley Clinic introduced endovenous surgery into the UK in March 1999 and has stayed at the forefront of all endovenous developments, helping to pioneer the treatment of varicose veins and venous reflux disease globally. Our strong research and teaching ethic has allowed us to remain at the top of our game. Whilst we present our research at international meetings many times each year, we also welcome visitors from around the world to join one of our courses and to train with us.

We have been running endovenous courses longer than anyone in the UK and probably Europe, having started our first endovenous course for radiofrequency ablation in September 1999. Since, our training has grown and we have now trained over 150 specialists in various treatments.

International EVLT Training Academy for AngioDynamics

In 2012, The Whiteley Clinic were chosen to be AngioDynamics’ International EVLT Training Academy. We run 8 courses a year for Angiodynamics in The Clinical Exchange’s training suite, which has a High Definition video link to our operating theatre, with full access to the ultrasound feed and a two way audio link. This not only allows you to see everything that is being done as if you were actually doing the operation, but also so you can hear what exactly what the surgeon is saying whilst operating – and even ask questions directly to the operating surgeon. This, combined with the interactive training suite and the teaching from our venous experts, provides exactly what visiting specialists want – whether an observational introduction course to endovenous surgery, a masterclass to discuss the finer points of endovenous techniques or a full one-to-one training course tailored to your own requirements over several weeks to allow you to undertake endovenous surgery in your own right as a specialist.

All of the endovenous surgical techniques taught at The Whiteley Clinic are under local anaesthetic, without sedation, allowing our patients a true walk-in, walk-out treatment.

The endovenous surgery techniques taught through our courses include:

If you are interested in training with us, please click here to complete a form via The College of Phlebology who develop and administer all training courses held in partnership with The Whiteley Clinic.