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Forehead veins before and after their removal

by – January 12, 2017

Forehead veins, and other veins on the face and temple, can be very distressing.

This 28 year old lady came to The Whiteley Clinic with large forehead veins. They worsened whenever she smiled, laughed or bend forwards.

Forehead Veins before and after removed Prof Mark Whiteley of The Whiteley Clinic

Forehead Veins before and after removed Prof Mark Whiteley of The Whiteley Clinic

The veins on her forehead made her very self-conscious.

She had a consultation with Prof Mark Whiteley who performed an ultrasound scan to check the depth and size of the veins. He offered her local anaesthetic phlebectomy as a walk-in, walkout procedure.

Prof Whiteley has developed a modified technique phlebectomy for facial and scalp veins.

The patient consented to the procedure including the risk of bruising and scars.

The first photograph below shows the central forehead veins prominent on smiling.

The procedure was done at The Whiteley Clinic under local anaesthetic.

Six incisions were made. No stitches are used in this procedure. The patient left the clinic two hours after arrival and went back to normal work.

One week later, the scars were red and there were some bruising on the forehead.

Four weeks later, the veins were completely gone, the scars virtually invisible and there was no sign of any bruising.

The patient was delighted with the result saying that it had changed her life.

Removal of forehead veins – cosmetic phlebology

The removal of forehead veins is one of the procedures that comes under “cosmetic phlebology”.

Prof Whiteley and his team are increasingly being asked to remove veins on the hands, arms, breasts, face, temple and forehead.

Prof Whiteley is doing increasing numbers of cases with good patient satisfaction.

There is a session on cosmetic phlebology at the College of Phlebology’s 1st International Veins Meeting in London 15-17 March 2017 (http://www.collegeofphlebology.com/meeting2017).

For more information about costs involved with having veins removed from forehead, face, arms or hands please contact us through the The Whiteley Clinic website.

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