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Veins around eyes removed by mini-phlebectomy

by – June 20, 2018

Veins around eyes can be a difficult problem to treat, especially if they are bulging. Although small green veins that do not bulge can be covered with make-up, bulging veins cast shadows even when make-up is used.

Veins around eyes removed by mini-phlebectomy by Prof Mark Whiteley at The Whiteley Clinic - Facial Veins

Many doctors and nurses treat facial veins with laser. However, laser is best for veins that are green or blue, and which are too small to cause a bulge. Once the vein is big enough to cause a bulge, then a very high energy laser treatment would be needed. This increases the risk of skin burns or failure.

Over the last three years, Prof Mark Whiteley and his colleague, Vicki Smith, of The Whiteley Clinic have been developing different techniques to treat bulging facial veins.

This patient shown in the photographs is a recent case of veins around eyes treated at The Whiteley Clinic. She is a lady in her early 30s who hated the bulging veins in the photograph. The veins extended from under the eye, around the side and over her upper eyelid.

These were assessed for laser that felt to be too big and too close to the eye to be safely treated. Therefore she underwent mini-phlebectomy under local anaesthetic, using some of the new techniques developed at The Whiteley Clinic.

Initially, she did bruise and the bruising lasted for three weeks. We have found that with these procedures, bruising can last anywhere from three days to 3 weeks. There were no stitches and all of the wounds started to disappear at four weeks and were invisible by six weeks.

Veins around eyes

Treating large veins on the face and scalp is difficult and more research needs to be done in this area. However, we are finding that mini-phlebectomy is a valuable treatment for treating forehead veins, veins on the temples and veins around eyes that are bulging and are either too large or too risky for laser treatment.

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