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100th Varicose Veins Case @ The Whiteley Clinic Bristol

by – September 25, 2015

Today, the 100th varicose veins case was performed at The Whiteley Clinic in Bristol.

100th varicose veins procedure in The Whiteley Clinic in Bristol with consultant Mr Mike Rocker

100th varicose veins procedure in The Whiteley Clinic in Bristol with consultant Mr Mike Rocker, Vascular Technologist Rachael Walker and Nurse Dee Kerrigan

The Whiteley Clinic brought The Whiteley Protocol® to Bristol last year. Using this, we have brought our prize winning research and specialist vein treatments to patients in the south west.

The clinic is situated in Litfield House, Clifton. The Whiteley Clinic treats varicose veins and venous disease.

All patients have a consultation with a The Whiteley Clinic trained consultant and have a specialist ultrasound scan performed by a vascular technologist. This team approach is as recommended by NICE – the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE CG 168).

Some clinics offer cheap or fixed price treatments by having the doctor who is seeing the patient doing their own scan. Research presented in New York shows that such scans miss significant numbers of veins that need treatment. We do not believe this is the right way to assess patients – and neither does NICE.

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