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A look back at Vein Health Awareness Week

by – October 9, 2018

On the 24th of September The Whiteley Clinic launched Vein Health Awareness Week. Our aim for the week was to educate and help others about their vein health.

During the week we covered a wide range of different vein health conditions including Haemorrhoids, Pelvic Congestion Syndrome, Leg Varicose Veins and Facial Veins. We also broke some myths surrounding vein health including the fact that Varicose Veins aren’t always visible and can be hidden!

In aid of Vein Health Awareness Week we published our own V.E.I.N.S guide which simply helps people remember some of the symptoms surrounding Varicose Veins. The symptoms can be broken down into these simple and memorable points:

V – Visible veins on the surface of the skin or just under

E – Enlarged veins that are blue or dark purple in colour

I – Itchy, sore skin over your veins and discoloration

N – Nodular, bulging or twisted veins

S – Swollen, achy or heavy legs and ankles

During the week we wanted to give participants the opportunity to ask their questions directly to our vein experts so we had a dedicated page for questions where you could go online and ask anything you wanted plus send your pictures!

On the Tuesday evening we had a Facebook Live Stream with Tatler Beauty Editor Francesca White at our London clinic. Viewers could ask their questions to Professor Whiteley and share their experiences with others that were watching. It’s not too late to watch the live stream – catch up here!

If you have any questions surrounding your Vein Health it is not too late to ask! You can submit your questions via our dedicate page here!

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