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Celebrity Veins Doctor Prof Mark Whiteley

by – December 1, 2019

Celebrity Veins Doctor Prof Mark Whiteley

Celebrity Veins Doctor Prof Mark Whiteley

Celebrity veins doctor, Prof Mark Whiteley, is becoming increasingly recognised nationally and internationally.

Mark introduced endovenous surgery (pinhole surgery for varicose veins) into the UK in 1999. He has been at the forefront of innovation in varicose vein treatments ever since.

He invented TRLOP with Judy Holdstock in 2001. He was the first in Europe to perform microwave ablation of varicose veins in February 2019. He was the first in the world to perform HIFU (Sonovein) treatment of varicose veins commercially.

Most of the celebrities that Mark has treated retain their confidentiality. However, some celebrities have been happy to talk about their experiences:

Chris Evans:

Chris Evans, the TV personality and Virgin DJ, had endovenous microwave ablation performed by Prof Mark Whiteley in November 2019. He felt himself jogging to the pub after the procedure!



Kate Lawler:

Kate Lawler, famous from her big brother appearance and now celebrity and Virgin DJ, had her veins treated some years ago by Mark Whiteley. He has recently treated some new thread veins which Kate has publicised.


Following her veins treatment, she has been more than happy to show her legs:


Ian Hyland:

Ian Hyland the TV critic and journalist had very severe varicose veins, venous eczema and brown skin stains and a venous leg ulcer. He had been seen by many previous vascular surgeons, all of which treat both arteries and veins. He came to Prof Mark Whiteley because of Mark’s dedication to treating varicose veins, and was found to have both pelvic varicose veins and perforating veins. Most of the vascular surgeons who “treat” varicose veins in the UK ignore these, or missed them by doing their own venous duplex.

Ian has been delighted with the results of Mark Whiteley’s treatment. He has published articles and photographs outlining his story.



Eve Cameron:

Eve Cameron, journalist and beauty editor, has written articles on her treatment years ago with Prof Mark Whiteley and how this has changed her life. She even quoted it as the treatment that she most recommended in all of her experience in the health and beauty world.


The Extraordinary Mr Whiteley:

A novelist and journalist who wrote an article for Vogue on many treatments, reviewed the results of all of those treatments 18 months later. In her blog, “the extraordinary Mr Whiteley”, she concluded that the only treatment that had stood the test of time was the vein treatment by Prof Mark Whiteley.


Tatler – Best for Veins:

A great number of celebrities who Mark is treated over the years have elected to keep their confidentiality. However, because of his successful vein treatments on celebrities, he has been featured in Hello Magazine, OK magazine, and has been featured in the Tatler guide for his work on veins, for the last 11 years:


Celebrity veins doctor:

Despite being the celebrity veins doctor, Mark Whiteley continues to pioneer varicose veins surgery, publishing research, winning research prizes and running vein training courses to teach other doctors how to treat veins optimally.

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