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Chris Evans talks about his varicose veins treatment

by – November 11, 2019

Chris Evans has previously tweeted about his severe varicose veins. He decided to come to see Prof Mark Whiteley, to have varicose vein treatment.

In this clip from the Virgin channel, you can hear Chris talking about his planned varicose veins treatment.

The Whiteley Protocol – three stages to cure varicose veins

Chris Evans is going to have endovenous microwave ablation to his varicose veins. In addition, he is going to have the TRLOP closure technique, to close off incompetent perforators.

He is going to have endovenous microwave ablation. This brand-new local anaesthetic treatment for varicose veins is currently only performed at The Whiteley Clinic. It is one of two new techniques only available at The Whiteley Clinic, at the current time in the UK.

Listen to Chris’s radio show tomorrow morning just after 8 AM for an update of the operation!

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