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Clarivein research at The Whiteley Clinic

by – September 30, 2014

Clarivein research at The Whiteley Clinic has culminated in our first cases being performed using our new understanding of the MOCA Clarivein system.

On Monday 29th September, Professor Whiteley and his team at the Bond Street Clinic successfully undertook their first two Clarivein cases.  Two patients had their varicose veins treated using this revolutionary new procedure.

First Clarivein (MOCA) case for varicose veins done at The Whiteley Clinic, Bond Street, London

First Clarivein (MOCA) case for varicose veins done at The Whiteley Clinic, Bond Street, London

What is Clarivein?

Clarivein is a mechanochemical ablation system. It uses a combination approach to destroy veins by damaging the inside of the vein with a rotating wire whilst gently infusing a sclerotherapy solution at the same time, killing the inside of the vein wall.  The procedure is painless and the vein is completely destroyed.

It has been the subject of research at The Whiteley Clinic and University of Surrey for the last two years.  The results of this research are to be presented by Professor Whiteley at the American College of Phlebology in Phoenix Arizona in November of this year.

Interestingly, although mechanochemical ablation has been successfully used in the UK, little was known about how it actually worked.  The Whiteley Clinic research has resulted in an understanding of the mechanism of the system and The Whiteley Clinic are now well placed to achieve far greater results with the system.

Why use Clarivein?

For many years, laser has been effectively used to treat larger veins. Because of the heat which is used to kill the veins, it is necessary to inject local anaesthetic around the veins (a technique which is called tumescence).

To treat a single vein with the Clarivein System, only one small injection is needed to numb the initial insertion point, making it an ideal treatment for patients who are nervous of injections or are perhaps sensitive to the adrenaline (epinephrine) used in tumescence.

The Clarivein System will now form part of the portfolio of procedures available at The Whiteley Clinic.

For more information regarding the procedure or The Whiteley Clinic, please contact info@thewhiteleyclinic.co.uk

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