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First Prize at The Venous Forum 2014 for The Whiteley Clinic Research

by – May 26, 2014

The Venous Forum of The Royal Society of Medicine, is the UK’s national meeting for vein surgery and venous conditions. The Annual Meeting is held in London in April each year.

Salil Patel

Salil Patel, The Whiteley Clinic Summer Research Fellow 2013 Presenting his prize winning paper at the Venous Forum 2014

This year, The Whiteley Clinic research team had a particularly successful meeting, building on the Poster Prize that they won last year at the same meeting. Salil Patel, a medical student who came to work at The Whiteley Clinic for his summer holiday in summer 2013, won the first Prize for his research into Foam Sclerotherapy, supervised by Professor Mark Whiteley.

Salil Patel

Salil Patel wins first prize for his research performed at The Whiteley Clinic as The Whiteley Clinic Summer Research Fellow

Salil’s research showed the effects of temperature, altitude, volume, gas and different syringe types on the formation of foam for Foam Sclerotherapy. This research has already been implemented into The Whiteley Protocol® , making sure that all The Whiteley Clinic patients get the very latest and best vein treatments possible.

Chris Lee

Chris Lee, PhD student at The Whiteley Clinic and University of Surrey presents his research into sclerotherapy treatment of varicose veins

At the same meeting, Chris Lee, PhD student at The Whiteley Clinic and University of Surrey, presented his research looking at how sclerotherapy works in varicose veins, using a technique called immunocytochemistry. By using this antibody technique, Chris has been able to track how the sclerotherapy works in the laboratory – this has given us huge insights into how to improve vein treatments further.

Jade Davidson

Jade Davidson, reflexologist at The Whiteley Clinic and Rosey Feet Reflexology with her research presented as a poster at The Venous forum 2014

Jade Davidson, reflexologist at Rosey Feet, came along to present the results of her randomised controlled trial. This study showed that using hand reflexology on patients whilst they underwent local anaesthetic varicose veins treatments, significantly reduced anxiety in patients having the treatment.

Prof Mark Whiteley speaking at The Venous Forum 2014

Prof Mark Whiteley speaking at The Venous Forum 2014 The Royal Society of Medicine

Finally Professor Mark Whiteley gave one lecture on the future of varicose vein surgery in the UK in the private sector, as the NHS and private medical insurers seem to be withdrawing from funding venous disease and then took part in a debate on local anaesthetic varicose vein surgery.

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