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First The Whiteley Clinic Academic Meeting

by – September 24, 2014

The first The Whiteley Clinic Academic meeting was held in Guildford yesterday. Vein specialists from The Whiteley Clinics in Guildford, London, Bristol and East Grinstead all met to share their experience and research.

It is meeting such as these that keep The Whiteley Protocol® up to date and ensure that all The Whiteley Clinic patients get the best possible care available.

First The Whiteley Clinic Academic Meeting on Varicose Veins and Leg Ulcers in Guildford 23rd Sept 2014

First The Whiteley Clinic Academic Meeting on Varicose Veins and Leg Ulcers in Guildford 23rd Sept 2014

The Whiteley ProtocolTM

All of the staff at The Whiteley Clinic follow The Whiteley Protocol® when treating patients with vein problems.  The Whiteley Protocol®>determines which tests are needed, which treatments are needed and what gives us the best results.

By ensuring that The Whiteley Protocol® is always being updated and modified on the results of experience, audits and research, we can be as certain as possible that any patient coming to any of The Whiteley Clinics will get a uniformly excellent service and result.

The Whiteley Clinic Academic Meetings

The Whiteley Clinic Academic meetings are to be held every 6 months. At each meeting, all of the research and developments produced from the research department will be disseminated to all of The Whiteley Clinic staff. This will then result in an update of The Whiteley Protocol®, making sure that all of our patients benefit from our research months or years before the rest of the world even know about them.

It is also a fantastic opportunity for any of our specialists to bring new techniques or ideas to the attention of everyone in the clinic, so that any new developments can udergo rigorous research to see if they can be included in The Whiteley ProtocolTM.

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