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Frequently asked questions

by – April 19, 2016

frequently asked questions

At The Whiteley Clinic, we have documented a selection of frequently asked questions that are available to give to all of our patients to help them plan and prepare for their varicose vein surgery.

A simple offering but one that is incredibly useful.

We have found that the scheduling of varicose veins procedures can often cause a little stress. Usually this is not due to the endovenous procedures themselves, but because most people lead incredibly busy lives. The frequently asked questions pre-empts some regular concerns and provides information that is needed to be able to make appointments in between family commitments, working schedules, holidays abroad and social engagements.

Fortunately, as all of our varicose vein procedures are minimally invasive and are walk in walk out, our patients can identify that window of opportunity where they can come along for their treatment, without impacting an important meeting, family gathering or social event.

The top 3 ‘post varicose vein surgery’ questions

Question 1 : When can I go back to work after the varicose vein procedure?

Patients can return to work as soon as they feel that they are able to. For most people this is normally the day following their varicose veins procedure (although many of our patients have returned on the same day). The only exception is if the work is based in water, for example being a lifeguard. In these cases we would advise to take 3 days off before returning to work to ensure that the wounds are kept nice and dry.

Question 2 : When would I be able to fly after varicose vein surgery?

The answer to this will depend on the procedure that has been performed.

With the EndoVenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) and phlebectomies procedure, patients may fly straight away but we advise that they wear compression hosiery.

It is advisable to plan treatments so that long haul flights are avoided in the first two weeks post foam sclerotherapy treatment as patients will be wearing bandaging and stockings and these can be uncomfortable on long haul flights. However there is no medical reason not to fly after foam sclerotherapy as we perform it at The Whiteley Clinic and so, if our patients need to fly, there is no reason that they can’t.

Question 3 : When can I go back to the gym after varicose vein surgery?

Patients may return to walking straight away and gentle exercising for all patients is encouraged.

After the EndoVenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) and phlebectomies procedure, we do suggest taking it easier for 3 days when stockings are still being worn.

After foam sclerotherapy or microsclerotherapy, compression is being worn for 14 days and nights and so we advise against any exercise that might cause perspiration or sweating during this time. We do not want the veins that we are closing to dilate with getting hot, and it is not nice to perspire into bandages that need to be worn for 2 weeks!

These example questions and answers are provided as a generic guide for our patients. Consultants at The Whiteley Clinic will advise on post treatment care for each patient, depending on their personal circumstances and requirements.

To make an appointment or for more information, please email info@thewhiteleyclinic.co.uk

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