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How my leg ulcer was cured – a personal story

by – January 6, 2019


Venous leg ulcer before and after treatment by The Whiteley Protocol - My personal story by Jacqueline Wisby

Venous leg ulcer before and after treatment by The Whiteley Protocol – My personal story by Jacqueline Wisby

How my leg ulcer was cured.


This is a personal story written by one of our patients – Jacqueline Wisby.

It is published here – with her permission – exactly as she sent it to The Whiteley Clinic.

The picture showing all of the stages of her healing is her own work.


My Leg Ulcer Story – Jacqueline Wisby

“Firstly I would like to thank the whole team at the Bond Street Clinic for all their help and kindness over the past year whilst I have been attending for laser treatment etc. etc.

I must admit I had never heard of laser treatment being used to treat ulcers – of which I have had on and off for over 30 years until two separate people forwarded an article from the The Whiteley Clinic which appeared in The Mail on Sunday in September 2017. I made further enquiries and none of the medical staff at my local Doctors Surgery had heard of this treatment.

History of Leg Ulcer by Jacqueline Ann Wisby

History of Leg Ulcer by Jacqueline Ann Wisby


I took the bold decision to book a Consultation which took place on the 25th October 2017 with Dr. Gabriele Bertoni. My daughter and friend came with me. A very detailed and extensive consultation took place plus both my legs were ultra-sounded. I then went away to think about it and for the costs of the various treatment to come through. I was desperate to get this ulcer healed as my left hip was in need of replacing and could not be done whilst I still had an ulcer.

I decided to go ahead with the treatment on the left leg – which had the bad ulcer – so my first treatment was booked for 16th November 2017 – I must admit I was terrified as I just didn’t know what to expect. All went well and I survived – I continued attending my local Doctors surgery to have the ulcer dressed but had to insist that it just had a dry dressing on it.

Leg Ulcer Treatment Revolution - by Prof Mark S Whiteley

Leg Ulcer Treatment Revolution – by Prof Mark S Whiteley

I had the second part of the treatment – the Foam Sclerotherapy on the 31st January 2018. You were pleased with how the ulcer was progressing and I had the general feeling that you hoped it would be healed by the end of March – unfortunately, it took one month longer but was healed by the 25th April 2018.

In the meantime, I had started laser treatment on the right leg as after the first ultrasound investigation that showed a problem with that leg as well so before any further trouble, you treated the right leg both with laser and then the Foam Sclerotherapy.

The hip Consultant came up to scratch as he promised to do a replacement just as soon as the ulcer healed so the hip was replaced on the 22nd May 2018.

On the 26th November the Hip Consultant signed me off and then on the 28th November Dr Gabriele Bertoni also signed me off – so to say I’m over the moon is an understatement – you have cleared up the ulcer in a year – oh if I’d only known about laser treatment years ago I would not have suffered so much because ulcers are so, so painful.

My grateful thanks go to Dr. Gabriele Bertoni and Tim Fernandez-Hart and the whole team for their help and understanding whilst undergoing this treatment.

Jacqueline Wisby.”


For more information about venous leg ulcers: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ulcer-Treatment-Revolution-Mark-Whiteley/dp/1908586052/

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