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International EVLT Training Academy

by – April 17, 2015

EVLT – Endovenous Laser Treatment – is a treatment for Varicose Veins. EVLT is the first line treatment recommended by NICE for Varicose Veins (NICE CG 168).

EVLT is one of the “Thermal Ablation” techniques that has revolutionised varicose vein surgery in the world. Thermal Ablation for varicose veins was brought into the UK in March 1999 by Prof Mark Whiteley.

Angiodynamics International EVLT Training Academy - at The Whiteley Clinic in UK since August 2012

Angiodynamics International EVLT Training Academy – at The Whiteley Clinic in UK since August 2012

Since performing the first endovenous thermoablation in the UK, Professor Mark Whiteley and his team at The Whiteley Clinic have remained at the cutting edge of research into varicose veins treatments.

In August 2012, The Whiteley Clinic was appointed as the Angiodynamics International EVLT Training Academy. Since then regular courses have been run for doctors, nurses and technologists from around the world.

Today saw the end of the latest course where 20 doctors from all over Europe were trained in EVLT and the latest scientific discoveries in varicose veins treatments.

EVLT is part of The Whiteley Protocol®

Every patient is an individual – and The Whiteley Protocol® recognises this, investigating and tailoring every treatment plan to each individual patient’s problem.

The Whiteley Protocol® is based on our award winning researech and only uses procedures that we have proven to work.

We use Angiodynamics EVLT in the majority of cases that we treat. However, unlike cheap clinics that treat everyone as a “one size fits all” approach, we use this in combination with whichever techniques are needed to get out patients the best possible results.

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