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James Blunt varicose veins surgery

by – July 13, 2020

Today the music legend, James Blunt, underwent varicose veins surgery with Professor Mark Whiteley at The Whiteley Clinic.

James underwent local anaesthetic endovenous surgery. This is ambulatory surgery, with no sedation, regional nor general anasthetic.

Therefore he was mobile immediately and able to make this quick video with Mark Whiteley.

James Blunt at The Whiteley Clinic.

James is the latest in a very long line of celebrities that have chosen The Whiteley Clinic to treat their varicose veins of other venous problems.

Although many celebrities do not want to be identified, many are more comfortable in sharing their experiences – such as Chris Evans, Kate Lawler, Eve Cameron, Sarah Vine and Ian Hyland.

We would like to thank James for making this video with us and allowing us to share it on our social media.

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