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Keep legs & veins healthy with a Leg MOT

by – November 13, 2014

Patients who have completed their treatment pathway at The Whiteley Clinic have the lowest possible chance of their varicose veins or thread veins returning and to keep their legs and veins healthy, all patients are eligible to join their Leg MOT scheme.

The Whiteley Clinic Leg MOT will keep veins healthy

The Whiteley Clinic Leg MOT will keep legs and veins healthy

About the Leg MOT

This value added service was introduced in the spring of 2014 and is available to all previous patients who have had their veins treated using the Whiteley Protocol®.  Those patients that wish to participate in the Leg MOT scheme, receive an annual invitation to return to the clinic for a specialised venous duplex ultrasound scan of their legs.  The scan is performed by a vascular technologist who will look at both the deep and superficial veins of the legs.

The idea behind the scheme is relatively simple.  Due to the natural disease progression, 3 to 4.5% of people who are prone to varicose veins will go on to develop new varicose veins every year. The annual scan will assess the health of all of the veins and allow us to identify any new occurrences, affording patients the opportunity to nip any new problems in the bud.

If the scan is normal, there is no need for patients to meet with a consultant (unless requested).  However, if a problem is identified, consultant advice is readily available.

As with all occurrences of varicose veins, the smaller varicose veins are far easier to treat and the earlier they are detected, the simpler and less expensive treatment plans tend to be.

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