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Leg ulcer cured after years of suffering

by – February 2, 2018

Leg Ulcer Patient Testimonial

Janet is a 69 year old lady who suffered with a leg ulcer for over 3 years because she was told it was incurable. Since then, she found The Whiteley Clinic and received the treatment she needed, so her ulcer is now almost completely healed!

Please read her story below or watch her testimonial.

20 years ago, Janet was diagnosed with varicose veins and was told they are only cosmetic and didn’t need treating. Over the years they worsened, becoming more painful and visible, but she was never even offered the opportunity to have them treated.

3 and half years ago, her varicose veins developed into a leg ulcer. Like many patients in the UK, she was sent for specialist care from District Nurses and Tissue Viability Nurses, who gave her compression bandages and a variety of dressings like manuka honey. These options do nothing to treat the underlying cause of the leg ulcer, but just help it heal temporarily on the outside. So, Janet continued to suffer.

She then spent the next few years being sent from specialist to specialist, looking for a suitable treatment option which would give her a long term solution. However, after visiting Dermatologists and other specialists, they all told her that there was no other option, but to continue with compression bandages and dressings.

Janet also needs a hip replacement, but because of her leg ulcer and the complications that come with it, she was refused treatment. Not only was her leg ulcer causing her constant pain and discomfort, but it was also preventing her from having her hip replaced and improving her quality of life.

After searching the internet for answers, she came across The Whiteley Clinic. Following a consultation and duplex ultrasound scan at our clinic in Guildford, she came and had the underlying cause of her leg ulcer treated. Just 4 months later, her ulcer is almost completely healed!

Patients who have leg ulcers have to search for this information and empower themselves to find a permanent cure. Most people don’t even know that there is a cure out there and sadly stories like Janet’s are very common in the UK. People suffering need to know that they no longer have to live with this chronic wound, as revolutionary treatments at The Whiteley Clinic can cure the majority of leg ulcers.

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