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Life Changing Diagnosis

by – December 30, 2014

This patient came to The Whiteley Clinic in Bond Street London today for a final opinion – and ended up with a life changing diagnosis.

He had just got over having had a leg ulcer of the right leg, that had healed after many months of compression bandaging.

The patient was worried about the leg ankle. The brown discoloration (haemosiderin) was growing in size and the skin was becoming itchy and flaky (venous eczema).

Patient with Healed Leg Ulcer Right and Venous Eczema Left - Curable By The Whiteley Protocol® - The Whiteley Clinic

Patient with Healed Leg Ulcer Right and Venous Eczema Left – Curable By The Whiteley Protocol® – The Whiteley Clinic

Being only 58 years old and playing tennis and golf regularly, this patient wanted to get his legs “right”, He didn’t want the constant worry about getting leg ulcers and the visible varicose veins.

He had been to his local vascular surgeon who had stripped his veins 10 years ago and then again 7 years ago.

The patient had sought another opinion and had a Duplex Ultrasound scan – but clearly not using The Whiteley Protocol®.

He was told that he has reflux in both popliteal veins and nothing more could be done for him. He would have to wear compression stockings for the rest of his life.

Fortunately, before accepting this advice, he sought a final opinion from The Whiteley Clinic.

He had his scan today by one of our vascular technologists trained in The Whiteley Protocol®. The results of this high resolution scan showed the previous advice that he had been given elsewhere was incorrect.

Although he had had successful treatment to one vein in the leg – the Great Saphenous Vein – he still had major varicose vein problems on both sides. In each leg, the second largest superficial vein – the Small Saphenous Vein – was massively distended and the valves had failed. This was causing venous reflux which was damaging the skin lower in the legs (see “Understanding Venous Reflux – The Cause of Varicose Veins and Venous Leg Ulcers” for full understanding of this).

In addition, there were several incompetent perforating veins (“perforators”) underlying the damaged skin on both sides. Although many doctors do not treat these, and do not even look for them, research from the The Whiteley Clinic has shown
overwhelming evidence that they need to be treated (see research here), and Mark Whiteley invented the TRLOP technique to treat them (see research here).

As such, the patient was told that – contrary to what he had been led to expect elsewhere – by following The Whiteley Protocol® he was fully curable.

The Whiteley Protocol® sows that he only needs local anaesthetic laser treatment using EVLT and TRLOP closure of perforators on each side.

Once this has been done, 8 weeks later he needs foam sclerotherapy to complete the job.

His true prognosis, once treated as per The Whiteley Protocol®, that his venous eczema will go, he is very unlikely to ever get venous leg ulcers again, the brown stains will start to fade and the varicose veins will be gone.

Thanks to his decision not to accept the advice he had been given elsewhere but to get a final opinion from The Whiteley Clinic, he had now had a life changing diagnosis – and his whole future has become a lot rosier!

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