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Male pelvic congestion syndrome is not a myth.

by – January 22, 2016

Male Pelvic Congestion Syndrome

Many people, including some doctors, think male pelvic congestion is a myth.

Pelvic congestion syndrome is a condition that is caused by what are basically ‘pelvic varicose veins’. Due to differences in anatomy of the pelvis, it is true that it usually affects females more than males.

Although it is still rather uncommon men can suffer with pelvic congestion syndrome. At The Whiteley Clinic we have already had several men come to the clinic for treatment for this condition.

In almost all cases these men have severe recurrent varicose veins, this is because of surgery, performed elsewhere, did not check for pelvic veins and therefore any varicose vein surgery of the legs alone is going to be ultimately unsuccessful.

Interestingly though almost every patient who has been to us for treatment has also had haemorrhoids. This is also part of the pelvic congestion syndrome in men and often in women.

At The Whiteley Clinic we have managed to successfully treat all of the patients who have come so far with this condition. We would start with a duplex ultrasound scan of your legs performed by a specialist vascular technologist trained to the Whiteley protocol and in most cases you would probably need further imaging of your pelvis, often an MRI in males.

The Whiteley Clinic have a dedicated pelvic vein embolisation unit in Bond Street, London.

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