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Mark Whiteley at Phlebology Colorado 2017

by – January 29, 2017

Phlebology Colorado is an annual veins meeting held in Telluride. It was started by Dr John Kingsley. It is a special meeting where anyone treating varicose veins or venous conditions can come and share their experiences.

Prof Mark Whiteley speaking at Phlebology Colorado 2017

Prof Mark Whiteley speaking at Phlebology Colorado 2017Away from normal academic meetings, Phlebology Colorado allows doctors and their teams to give mutual advice and share tips on how to get the best care for their patients.

Difficult cases are discussed, and all delegates give their advice from their own experiences.

Prof Mark Whiteley at Phlebology Colorada 2017

Prof Mark Whiteley at Phlebology Colorada 2017

In a world where so many medical meetings are full of the results of clinical trials and laboratory experiments, Phlebology Colorado allows those involved in the venous world to discuss individual cases or problems, amongst friends.

Phelbology Colorado 2017

Phlebology Colorado 2017

Although Dr john Kingsley is no longer with us, Phlebology Colorado stands as a great legacy to the charming founder.


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