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Mark Whiteley presenting vein research in Brazil

by – August 23, 2018

Professor Whiteley is a guest speaker at The International Congress of Aesthetic Phlebology in Sao Paulo, Brazil from the  23rd to the 25th of  August 2018.

Phlebology is the study of veins. Aesthetic phlebology is the area of phlebology that concentrates on the cosmetic impact of veins, rather than the medical consequences.
As such, much of the conference is concentrating on leg varicose veins, thread veins, facial veins, hands vein, arm veins, breast veins and arm veins.

Professor Whiteley has been asked to lecture on the following subjects:

Thursday 23rd August:
• Effects of sclerotherapy on the venous wall.
Professor Whiteley

Friday 24th August:
• Master Class:
The Whiteley Clinic Success Story – How I built it?
Professor Whiteley

• Changing the face of Ambulatory Venous Surgery in primary and recurrent varicose veins – the Whiteley experience.
Professor Whiteley

• Effects of different laser wavelenghs and fiber tips on the vein wall
Professor Whiteley

• What’s the ideal LEED for optimal endovenous laser ablation?
Professor Whiteley

• Treating large veins with endovenous techniques
Professor Whiteley

• Video presentation: EVLT “Price” HedgeHog Technique
Professor Whiteley

• 15 year outcomes of RFA
Professor Whiteley

Also Mark was asked to be a “Master” on the following:

Meeting with the Masters:

• Thursday 23 August:
Sclerotherapy with Foam
Dr. Carlos Rover | Dr. Marcondes Figueiredo | Dr. Eduardo Toledo | Prof. Dr. Armando Mansilha | Professor Whiteley | Dr. Charles Esteves | Walter Campos Jr

• Friday 24 August:
Questions from the audience about Venous Thermoablation
Dr. Charles Esteves | Dr. Lowell Kabnick | Dr. Luiz Marcelo Aiello Viarengo | Professor Whiteley | Dr. Carlos Rover | Daniel Mendes

• Saturday 25 August:
Questions from the Audience about Aesthetics Phlebology
Dr. Charles Esteves | Dr. Carlos Rover | Dr. Lowell Kabnick | Dr. Marcelo Viarengo | Professor Whiteley

International conferences are important for the exchange of information between experts. Not only can Professor Whiteley spread the research and experience of the The Whiteley Clinic, but also hear new ideas and research from other experts for around the world.
In this way, we can keep making sure that only the best treatments are included in The Whiteley Protocol.

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