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Meet Arabella – our cute child varicose vein surgeon

by – August 11, 2016

Meet Arabella – the cutest 6 year old varicose vein surgeon you are ever likely to meet!

Arabella - our cute child

Arabella – our cute child “surgeon” – by her very happy mother

Arabella’s mother had suffered from varicose veins ever since she had had children. She had both pelvic varicose veins (pelvic congestion) and leg varicose veins.

Little Arabella came with her and stole the hearts of the staff at The Whiteley Clinic. They dressed her up and – Voila! – Arabella become the cutest little surgeon ever!

This photo was taken at home by her proud and happy mum.

She said: “The nurses were so kind during both my ops and Dr. Beckett was amazing, really settled my nerves. My veins have been a problem since I’ve had my children so it’s been brilliant to finally build up the courage to get them done and so pleased I chose The Whiteley Clinic!

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