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Myth – Crossing your legs causes Varicose Veins

by – December 13, 2019


Prof Mark Whiteley has been featured in the popular women’s magazine, Woman’s Weekly.

Mark provides information based on his ongoing research and knowledge of the venous system. He refers to the popular old statement that gets passed down from generation to generation – that Crossing your legs will cause varicose veins – which is definitely not the case!

How are varicose veins formed?

Varicose veins are caused when the valves give way, letting blood fall back down a vein, which then dilates to become varicose. Through ongoing studies, Mark has found that varicose veins are ‘familial,’ unfortunately this simply means that you inherit varicose veins.

There are numerous tips and tricks that can be found on our website and social media platforms that advise on the best way to keep veins healthy and reduce the risk of complications such as clots, leg ulcers and bleeding, however the top tip is exercise!

Top Tips to keep veins healthy

Walking is the ideal way to help pump blood back from your legs to your heart and keep veins healthy. When you’re not moving about then the best advise Mark can provide is to keep your feet up, which in turn will ease pressure on your ankles. If you plan on being immobile for long periods, such as long-haul flights, then invest in a pair of compression stockings. These assist in decreasing the pressure gradient on areas like the ankles.

Varicose Vein Treatment Options

Chris Evans having his varicose veins treated with Endovenous Microwave Ablation

Chris Evans having his varicose veins treated with Endovenous Microwave Ablation

This year alone, Prof Mark Whiteley has introduced Microwave Ablation and Echotherapy (SONOVEIN) Treatment to the UK.

As popularised by Chris Evans of Virgin Radio UK, performed by Prof Mark Whiteley at The Whiteley Clinic in London, Microwave Ablation has all the advantages of radiofrequency ablation as well as the latest lasers. It does not have to be in contact with the vein wall. However, because microwave is perfectly controllable and does not emit any ‘light’ there is no need for any laser precautions.

Echotherapy treatment is currently the most ground-breaking solution for treating varicose veins. This treatment utilises High Intensity Focused Ultrasound to ablate the problem veins. This is the first treatment to be created that is non-invasive and can treat the vein from outside the body.

As the UKs leading clinic for the treatment of venous conditions, Prof Mark Whiteley and the team at The Whiteley Clinic, continue to research and develop pioneering treatments to add to the optimal range included in The Whiteley Protocol.

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