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A new look at varicose veins surgery – CHIVA, an alternative treatment

by – December 15, 2013

Professor Mark Whiteley has just returned from a 4 day course about CHIVA surgery for varicose veins in Cremona, Italy with Prof Claude Franceschi, Dr Roberto Delfrate and Dr Massimo Bricchi.

Dr Massimo Bricchi, Prof Mark Whiteley, Prof Claude Franceschi

CHIVA is a technique of treating varicose veins developed by Prof Claude Franceschi which essentially diverts blood rather than destroying veins

Dr Roberto Delfrate marking a patient with Duplex before CHIVA

There are several potential advantages of this system – but the main advantage is the saving of the main saphenous vein in the leg, which is then available for bypass surgery later in life if needed.

Dr Roberto Delfrate and Dr Massimo Bricchi performing CHIVA with a video enhancement

CHIVA is one of the many new developments in venous surgery that are going to be offered to The Whiteley Clinic patients in 2014.

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