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New LSA Device for Underarm Sweating

by – December 16, 2014

A new device to reduce excessive underarm sweating has been developed by Prof Mark Whiteley of The Whiteley Clinic. Patented in the UK and USA, the “Whiteley Laser Sweat Ablation Cannula” improves the Laser Sweat Ablation (LSA) procedure.

The Patented

The Patented “Whiteley Laser Sweat Ablation Cannula” improves LSA to Stop Excessive Under-arm Sweating

The original Whiteley LSA Cannula was developed and patented in the UK and USA. The 2nd version has been modified and is still covered by the original patent.

However, the new LSA device is much easier to use and ensures a more easily spread laser energy during the procedure.

How Laser Sweat Ablation Reduces Excessive Underarm Sweating

Laser Sweat Ablation (LSA) is a local anaesthetic operation performed at The Whiteley Clinic.

Under local anaesthetic, the skin is raised and the sweat glands removed by a suction catheter. The laser is then introduced to destroy any remaining sweat galnds and to reduce the risks of any re-growth of the glands.

The patented Whiteley Laser Sweat Ablation Cannula makes sure that the laser energy is always given at a constant angle. this reduces the risks of inadequate treatment or skin burns when doctors use a laser fibre without the special guide.


History of LSA for Underarm Sweating

In 2008, Mark Whiteley visited Dr Blugerman in Argentina to learn Sub-Dermal Laser Ablation (SDLA) for under-arm sweating. He brought this back to the UK and got into the national press for being the first in the UK to provide this treatment (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1168144/ME-AND-MY-OPERATION-My-problem-cured-laser–sweat.html).

Mark Whiteley and his research team have continued to improve the SDLA, renaming it LSA (Laser Sweat Ablation) when there were so many changes, it was very different from the original SDLA.

Currently the new patented Whiteley LSA Cannula is available, but only The Whiteley Clinic is regularly buying it. As such, people being treated elsewhere are not having true LSA and so should not expect the same results as are now being found at The Whiteley Clinic.

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