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The Whiteley Clinic Newsletter – June 2015

by – June 22, 2015

The Whiteley Clinic Newsletter June 2015

The Whiteley Clinic June Newsletter is available to view here »

The Whiteley Clinic Newsletter

Our latest newsletter highlights our world leading research, activities we are involved in and new treatments coming to The Whiteley Clinic. Read the intro below from Professor Mark Whiteley or click on the link above to read the full newsletter.

“It is wonderful to be able to produce another newsletter packed full of developments, research and new services available at The Whiteley Clinic and our sister brand, Absolute Aesthetics.

With the huge amount of activity going on by our clinical and research staff, it has been difficult to choose what to put into the newsletter and indeed we have had to leave out several major stories. Many of these appear on our news blog on www.whiteleyclinics.co.uk.

We are delighted that The Whiteley Clinic East Grinstead and Birmingham have now fully opened, joining the more established clinics in Guildford, London and Bristol. Our world leading research continues to be of interest internationally and nationally and we are delighted to have won a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) award to develop the next generation of venous treatment devices in conjunction with the University of Surrey. We continue to support charities and in particular the Leg Ulcer Charity. Leg ulcers are not appealing to many and as such raising funds for this horrible condition is very difficult. However, with leg ulcers affecting half a million people in the UK and knowing that the majority of these could be cured if advice from the charity was followed, this spurs us on to try to bring this worthy cause to the public attention.”

Professor Mark Whiteley
Consultant Surgeon & Clinic Director

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