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Come along to our Open Event in Greenlands, Henley-on-Thames

by – February 9, 2016

Henley Business School

Leading varicose vein clinic offers free vein consultations

We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting one of our popular open events in Henley on Thames on Saturday 23rd April 2016. The pop up event, a first for The Whiteley Clinic presents a great opportunity for local residents who can take advantage of the special open day for anyone concerned about varicose or thread veins. They can have a personal check-up by The Whiteley Clinic’s top vascular consultants at the Business School, Greenlands on Saturday 23rd April from 10.30am-2pm.

While one in three people have venous problems, it is estimated that only around a half of them are aware of their condition because it is not always visible on the surface. Consultant vascular surgeons from The Whiteley clinic will be providing complimentary 10 minute one-to-one sessions which will include expert assessment and advice and, in some cases (thread veins only) a state of-the-art scan used to detect underlying causes of varicose veins.

Professor Mark Whiteley said: “Vein conditions can be the cause of much concern for patients, and can be extremely painful. “Varicose veins can cause throbbing, swelling and itching in many cases, and complications can also lead to leg ulcers which are extremely unpleasant. “We specialise in varicose vein treatment and we’re really keen to educate people on the help there is available for this and other associated conditions.” The Whiteley Clinic is based in Guildford, Bristol, Birmingham and London. There is no charge to attend the event and refreshments will be provided.

To register, contact events@thewhiteleyclinic.co.uk or fill out the events form on our website. For more information call us on 01483 477 180.

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