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Patients give their feedback using our satisfaction survey

by – January 7, 2016

Satisfaction Survey from patients at The Whiteley Clinic

At The Whiteley Clinic our patients are important to us and we always value their honest opinion of our treatments and services. As research is at the very heart of everything we do, we thought we would share the results with you so you can see for yourself why The Whiteley Clinic is the place to come for all venous related conditions.

We quizzed our patients 6 weeks after their treatment on everything from our booking procedures, value for money, recommendations and would they come back again should the need arise.

When asked about our booking procedure, 57% described their booking experience with us as Excellent, 26% as very good and 8% as good. So overall 91% of our patients have received good, very good and excellent appointment booking services from us.

We like to be consistent and were delighted that 54% of our patients rated us as excellent for their overall course of treatment. With a further 27% referring to us as very good and 12% as good, we are pleased with the high rate of 93%.

When asked about being well prepared for their procedures, in terms of the clinical, physical and emotional sense, a huge 84% said yes, they were well prepared.

A whopping 92% of our patients said that they would return to The Whiteley Clinic for further treatment should it become necessary.

The large majority of our patients, 82% to be precise, felt like their treatment with The Whiteley Clinic was good value for money and 73% are very likely and 12% likely (combined 85%) to recommend The Whiteley Clinic to a friend or relative.

Some of patients went on to say:

“I’m am extremely happy with every aspect of The Whiteley Clinic and the results have changed my life I no longer have to hide my legs away and feel embarrassed”

“Would highly recommend The Whiteley Clinic. Not only are you treated on a personal level and with understanding, but the treatment is simply top notch.”

“Dr Whitely has treated my veins for many years – I would not go anywhere else and have complete confidence in his skills and knowledge. I think one of the clinics’ strengths is that it is committed to pursuing ongoing research and continually trying to improve its techniques and procedures. Thank you to you all.”

If you want more information or to book a consultation, contact us using the form on our website or at info@thewhiteleyclinic.co.uk or call us on 01483 477180.

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