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Pelvic Congestion Syndrome (PCS) can cause symptoms similar to IBS

by – April 6, 2017

PCS symptoms similar to IBS - IBS Awareness Month

April is IBS Awareness Month and we want to make everyone aware that there is another condition out there that can give you similar symptoms to IBS, but is actually caused by internal varicose veins in the pelvis, known as Pelvic Congestion Syndrome.

IBS Symptoms can be similar to those who have PCS and many ladies are misdiagnosed with IBS rather than the condition they are actually presenting with.

Commonly the symptoms can be:

  • pain during sex (dyspareunia)
  • bloating and swelling of your stomach
  • abdominal (stomach) pain and cramping
  • a lack of energy (lethargy)
  • pain in the lower back

Not only are there the physical symptoms, but both conditions can also have a significant impact on a person’s day-to-day life and can have a deep psychological impact. As a result, many people with either condition can have feelings of depression and anxiety.

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome and how it is treated

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome is a collection of symptoms caused by venous congestion in the pelvis. PCS is a cause of chronic pelvic pain in many women. Unfortunately, many doctors in the UK do not understand it and many do not even know it exists. It’s because of this that a lot women with chronic pelvic pain never the correct diagnosis or treatment.

Unlike IBS, which there are no specific tests for, pelvic congestion syndrome can be diagnosed using the gold standard diagnostic; TransVaginal Duplex Ultrasound scan or TVS for short, which is a test developed at The Whiteley Clinic by expert Sonographers Judy Holdstock and Charmaine Harrison.

Commonly, women with PCS experience a “dragging” pain in the pelvis, particularly on standing or sitting. PCS is treated using Pelvic Vein Embolisation. Dr David Beckett and Dr Previn Diwakar are experts at this procedure.

Express - PCS cause symptoms similar to IBS

Dr David Beckett, Interventional Radiologist at The Whiteley Clinic was featured in The Express on this topic. Follow the link below to read the article.


The Whiteley Clinic has been researching pelvic vein reflux and pelvic congestion syndrome for over 15 years. We have published research into the investigation and treatment of this condition and regularly present our research around the world.

For more information or to book an appointment, use the contact form on our website or contact us at info@thewhiteleyclinic.co.uk or 01483 477180.

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