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Pelvic congestion treatment – travelling from US

by – June 18, 2019

Pelvic congestion treatment takes expertise and specialist knowledge.

Many doctors do not diagnose pelvic congestion at all. Those that do often use MRI or CT scanning. However, both of which have been shown to be sub-optimal for diagnosing pelvic congestion syndrome. Patients lie flat for these procedures and varicose veins collapse when lying flat.

The gold standard test for pelvic congestion syndrome appears to be transvaginal venous duplex ultrasound scan performed with the Holdstock protocol.

Trustpilot Review – Lindsey Dietz – Came from US to The Whiteley Clinic for diagnosis and treatment of PCS Pelvic Congestion

Lindsey Dietz traveled from the US to The Whiteley Clinic for her Pelvic Congestion Treatment – and is delighted

Whiteley Clinic leading the way in Pelvic Congestion Treatment

A recent peer-reviewed paper published in the journal “Phlebology” highlighted that The Whiteley Clinic has produced the majority of research papers into pelvic congestion and pelvic vein reflux in the UK. It is also pointed out that these papers are a major contribution to the world literature in this area.

Pelvic congestion syndrome and pelvic vein reflux – Recognition for The Whiteley Clinic leading research

Pelvic congestion syndrome and pelvic vein reflux – Recognition for The Whiteley Clinic leading research

Lindsey Dietz coming from the US for Pelvic Congestion Treatment

Having done her research, Lindsey found The Whiteley Clinic. Not only was the research from The Whiteley Clinic way out ahead for pelvic congestion, but also the cost was a fraction of what she was quoted in the US.

Therefore Lindsey contacted The Whiteley Clinic and set up an online video consultation with Prof Mark Whiteley.

Deemed suitable, she and her husband flew to the UK. A transvaginal duplex performed by Angie White and Judy Holdstock confirmed pelvic congestion and 3 veins needing treatment.

There was no real nutcracker (compression of the vein) as the specialist scans at The Whiteley Clinic showed this was a false finding – a “pseudo-nutcracker”.

She underwent a 35-minute embolisation by Dr. David Beckett and is thrilled with the results.

Cost-effective Pelvic Congestion Embolisation

By coming to The Whiteley Clinic, Lindsey had the correct diagnosis of 3 vein disease rather than the one vein disease that she had been diagnosed in the US.

The treatment at The Whiteley Clinic and the flights and hotels all together were a fraction of the price quoted for the embolisation alone in the US!

To see more of her story, please see:  https://thewhiteleyclinic.co.uk/news-articles/crossing-the-atlantic-for-pelvic-congestion-treatment/ 


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