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Perforators and pelvic veins causing varicose veins – Mark Whiteley speaking at Veith, New York

by – November 20, 2013

Varicose veins affect are seen in about 20 – 25% of the adult population and so it is essential that when they are treated, the very best techniques are used, in order that the risks of them recurring after surgery is minimised.

Prof Mark Whiteley speaking

Research from The Whiteley Clinic has made it clear that just treating the varicose veins in the legs is not enough for optimal treatment in many patients.

Our research has shown that leg varicose veins are not only associated with the usual long veins that run up the leg, but also come from Incompetent Perforating Veins and Pelvic Veins in many patients. This suggests that patients who only have the leg veins investigated and treated are much more likely to get their varicose veins back again after treatment – varicose vein recurrence.

Most doctors in the world still only provide simple investigation and treatment of the main leg veins, and do not look for, or treat, incompetent perforating veins nor pelvic veins. At The Whitely Clinic we use The Whiteley Protocol® – making sure that everyone gets a full investigation and all of their vein problems are treated. This is why our patient satisfaction is so high and our audited results show such a low rate of recurrence after our treatments.

Prof Mark Whiteley was asked to present his research and views at the Veith Symposium in New York in the form of 2 debates and one lecture:

  • DEBATE: Pre-emptive Strike on Perforators Reduces Recurrences Mark S Whiteley
  • Detecting Iliac, IVC, Ovarian Vessels by Duplex Mark S Whiteley
  • DEBATE: Pre-emptive Strike on Incompetent Ovarian Veins Reduces Recurrences Mark S Whiteley
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