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Physician Associates Training in Varicose Veins

by – December 15, 2017

Training in varicose veins for health professionals of all specialities is provided at The Whiteley Clinic in Guildford.

Today, Prof Mark Whiteley and his team spent the afternoon with trainee physicians associates from the University of Surrey. These trainees were taught all about veins. They underwent talks about normal veins, varicose veins, pelvic congestion syndrome and leg ulcers.

Physician Associates Training for varicose veins at The Whiteley Clinic Dec 2017

Physician Associates Training for varicose veins at The Whiteley Clinic Dec 2017Mark Whiteley then performed an endovenous laser ablation under local anaesthetic with TRLOP closure of perforators and phlebectomies. This was performed live at The Whiteley Clinic in Guildford. The operating theatre at The Whiteley Clinic has remote controlled cameras located in the ceiling, that can be used to see all aspects of the operation live. Simultaneously, the ultrasound image can also be seen projected onto the screen.

The trainees were able to ask questions of Prof Whiteley, vascular technologist Tim Fernandez-Hart and also of the patient during the procedure.

The training then ended with the trainees learning how to put venous tourniquets onto each other, perform venous duplex ultrasound scan (although only at a very basic level to demonstrate the possibilities of the technique) on each other and finally learnt how to suture skin and tie surgical knots.

Physician Associates Training at The Whiteley Clinic 15th Dec 2017

Physician Associates Training at The Whiteley Clinic 15th Dec 2017

Training in varicose veins at The Whiteley Clinic and College of Phlebology

Ten years ago, Prof Mark Whiteley introduced a training facility into The Whiteley Clinic at Guildford. Initially branded “The Clinical Exchange”, up to 35 delegates can be accommodated in the lecture room, watching live surgery in the operating theatre below or live scanning in the ultrasound room below.

Every six weeks, doctors from around Europe and even further afield come on the AngioDynamics endovenous laser training course held at The Whiteley Clinic. In addition, the College of Phlebology uses the same facility to run courses on ambulatory endovenous surgery, venous duplex ultrasonography including transvaginal venous duplex ultrasound and pelvic vein embolisation.

The facility can also be used to beam training to anywhere in the world. In the past, cases have been performed live and transmitted to meetings in London, India and even Australia.

For more information about training in varicose veins, please contact info@thewhiteleyclinic.co.uk or info@collegeofphlebology.com.

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