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Podiatry Group – Peripheral Vascular Disease Study Day

by – August 30, 2014

Professor Mark Whiteley is going to be a guest lecturer at the Podiatry Group – Peripheral Vascular Disease Study Day – in London on the 28th September 2014.

Prof Mark Whiteley lecturing at the Podiatry Group - Peripheral Vascular Disease Study Day

Prof Mark Whiteley is a guest speaker at the College of Podiatry Vascular Assessment Update Day in London – 28th September 2014

The event is part of the continuing professional development (CPD) program from Chriopodists and Podiatrists run by The College of Podiatry.

Martin Fox (Vascular Specialist Podiatrist) and Lisa Smith (Vascular Nurse Specialist) are organising the day. They will be describing arterial diseases and how they should be tested for.

Professor Mark Whiteley will then be giving a one hour guest lecture on Varicose Veins and Venous Diseases – assessments and treatments – and will be going through the new NICE Guidelines.

Timetable for the Podiatry Group – Peripheral Vascular Disease Study Day

08.30  Registration
09:00 Introduction and PVD quiz Martin Fox & Lisa Smith
09:15 PAD – Overview for podiatrists ,  assessment and diagnosis,  the NICE way Martin Fox
10:00 PVD – Venous disease and lower limb oedema, DVT identifying using the Wells Score – what to do? Lisa Smith
10.45  Tea break
11:00 Critical limb ischaemia – identifying and referring Martin Fox
11:30 Huntleigh demonstration and questions
12.15 Lunch
13:15 Guest lecture – Varicose veins: clinical diagnosis and best management, post-NICE Prof Mark Whiteley
14:15 PAD workshop – assessment essentials: Cardiovascular history / risks – how to discuss Martin Fox
Claudication / rest pain & differential diagnosis Lisa Smith
Pulses & Doppler – what do they give you? Martin Fox
15.00 Break
 15.15 Hands On workshop – Pulses and Doppler up to the knee. Demonstration, followed by practical guided assessments on each other  All
 16.00  Interactive cases & clinical decision making  All
 16.30  Quiz answers, questions and close   Martin Fox & Lisa Smith
















For tickets and more information: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/vascular-assessment-cpd-update-tickets-11774222015


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