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Prof Mark Whiteley in Mail on Sunday

by – September 17, 2017

Prof Mark Whiteley was featured in the Mail on Sunday today (17 September 2017 – page 72). He was interviewed about how leg ulcers and venous disease is tackled in the UK.

Leg ulcer cure - Rod Stacey swollen leg cured by Prof Mark Whiteley - Leg Ulcer Charity featured 17 Sept 2017

Leg ulcer cure – Rod Stacey swollen leg cured by Prof Mark Whiteley – Leg Ulcer Charity featured 17 Sept 2017

The article is based on a case of Rod Stacey, 48 years old. It is worth reading as Rod Stacey did not have a leg ulcer, but had been diagnosed incorrectly and left to deteriorate. He had been told that all that was available for him was compression stockings.

Mark Whiteley explains in the article in the Mail on Sunday about how leg ulcers and venous diseases of the legs are approached and treated in the UK. He also highlights the conflicts between what general practitioners and district nurses do compared with what the NICE guidelines actually recommend.

Mark founded and runs The Whiteley Clinic which now has branches in Guildford, London and Bristol. The Whiteley Clinic is a private facility that is internationally recognised for its excellence in venous surgery including leg ulcer investigation and cure.

In addition, Mark set up the Leg Ulcer Charity. Through the Leg Ulcer Charity, Mark helps educate doctors and nurses who want to understand how leg ulcers can be cured. He also gives advice to patients and carers about leg ulcers, how they should be investigated and how to look for a cure in the majority of cases where a cure is possible.

It is well worth reading the Mail on Sunday article to get a deeper understanding of this problem in the UK that affects about 500,000 people directly with recurrent leg ulcers and approximately 2 million people who have severe enough venous disease that they are at risk of getting leg ulcers in the near future.

The Mail on Sunday, 17 September 2017, is available at all good newsagents and outlets for newspapers.

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