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Removal of veins on temple – local anaesthetic

by – December 18, 2017

Removal of veins on temple, forehead and face is a difficult area of venous surgery. Some veins can be removed with laser,  intense pulsed light (IPL) or electrosurgery. However, when the veins are larger and start to bulge, these non-surgical techniques can often fail.

It is for this reason that The Whiteley Clinic and Absolute Aesthetics assess such patients together, sorting out which treatment is optimal for each patient.

removal of veins on temple - remove facial veins - whiteley clinic dec 2017

Removal of veins on temple – The Whiteley Clinic Dec 2017

Key points to removal of veins on temple

Most veins on the temple and face are red, blur or very thin green veins. Many of these can be treated with laser, IPL or electrosurgery. All of these are performed by our specialists in Absolute Aesthetics.

However, larger green veins, particularly those that bulge, can be too big for effective treatment with these non-surgical techniques. Although some can be treated with laser, if too big, the skin can get burned.

In these cases, phlebectomy (literally removal of the vein) under a local anaesthetic provides an excellent treatment.

When performed using the techniques pioneered by Mark Whiteley, here is often bruising for the first 2 weeks. However, by 4 weeks, the vein is gone and the scars are usually disappearing if not totally invisible.

Treatments to avoid in the removal of veins on temple

In the past, some doctors and nurses have used sclerotherapy to inject veins on the face and temple.

However, this has always been regarded as a risk practice. Veins on the cheek, temple and forehead can drain into the veins in the orbit. This then communicates with a major vein between the 2 sides of the brain – the “cavernous sinus”. If any of the sclerotherapy injected into a vein went into this and caused a clot, the result could be catastrophic.

Hence sclerotherapy should only be used on the face in exceptional circumstances, if at all.

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