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Act now for beautiful legs

by – November 24, 2015

act now for beautiful legs

“I can safely say my legs are transformed and so is my life!”

Here at The Whiteley Clinic everything we do stems from our award winning research. Our extensive research has steered our approach to treating thread and varicose veins and has helped us understand the treatment of leg veins like no other clinic.

Over the last 16 years Professor Mark Whiteley and his team have worked tirelessly to become the pioneers of keyhole venous surgery in the UK and have treated over 20,000 patients in that time.

When we say no one knows veins like we do, we mean it.

See a recent testimonial below from a happy patient who can now enjoy the summer months without worrying about compression stockings!

“It might be assumed that varicose vein surgery is sought mostly for cosmetic reasons. However, this is not necessarily the case. My personal story is one of years of aching, heavy legs, so much so that I would have to wear compression tights even in the hottest of weathers both here and abroad or else be indoors with my legs elevated.

This summer, following treatment at the The Whiteley Clinic, which began in early January with Professor Whiteley, I was able to go on holiday abroad and enjoy walking around with no tights at all and was able to wear sandals on the beach for the first time in over 20 years.

Apart from this ultimate pleasure, I can now get up in the morning and potter about without rushing to struggle with hosiery and stand for long periods of time without being desperate to alleviate the aching. I can safely say my legs are transformed and so is my life!”

As you will see for yourself, the results are pretty impressive but they take time. The photo below shows the patients improvements 6 months after the last part of the bespoke treatment plan, not 6 months after their first visit to The Whiteley Clinic.

Results for varicose vein treatment

Although we are pioneers in in our field and use the latest state of the art technology and equipment, we still can’t speed up the healing process!

If you want your legs ready for summer, please don’t delay – book with us now. Typically we can start your treatment immediately but may need up to 6 months before you complete your treatment and give your legs a chance to get the cosmetic result that you want.

It is never too early to start treatment!

For more information or to book an appointment, use the contact form on our website or contact us at info@thewhiteleyclinic.co.uk or 01483 477180.

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