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St Peter’s School attend The Whiteley Clinic as part of their Business Day in Guildford

by – July 29, 2016

On Friday 15th July we opened our doors for the 2nd year running, to Year 10 students from St Peter’s school in Guildford as part of their Business Day.

St Peter's Business Day Guildford

The students had a chance to look around the clinic and operating theatres and to discuss the research we undertake here with our summer Research Fellows Alice and Scott. The students learnt suturing techniques, how to take blood and had the opportunity to use a high tech ultrasound machine and scan each other’s arms, throats etc. which showed them the carotid artery and the tendons moving.

The programme shows the students what working life is like and helps them think about the options and opportunities available to them in the future. It also develops their own personal skills, to equip them with the tools to access those opportunities.

St Peter's Business Day Guildford

We feel very privileged to not only be part of the programme, but that a large number of students chose to come to the clinic and learn more about a career in medicine.

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