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St. Peter’s Catholic School visit to The Whiteley Clinic

by – July 12, 2014

On Friday 11th July, The Whiteley Clinic hosted a school trip of 10 school students from St. Peter’s Catholic School Guildford.

Barrie Price St. Peter’s Catholic School

Mr Barrie Price teaching Students from St Peter’s Catholic School Guildford on a school visit to The Whiteley Clinic

As part of The Whiteley Clinic’s commitment to teaching and research, Consultants and Research Fellows from The Whiteley Clinic took the students through several skills and quick talks related to medicine.

Alice Whiteley St. Peter’s Catholic School

Mr Barrie Price, Consultant Surgeon, welcomed the students and showed the students how to stitch skin together using skin models.
Alice Whiteley, Scott dos Santos and Amy Cleese (The Whiteley Clinic summer research fellows 2014) showed the students around the clinic and then showed them how to take blood on models developed for our premedical courses http://www.theclinicalexchange.com/courses/category/premed-taster-course/

St. Peter’s Catholic School students

Finally Professor Mark Whiteley demonstrated Doppler, Ultrasound and Duplex ultrasound and some of the students had an opportunity to do their own scans.

Any other schools or colleges interested in arranging a visit to see around a working clinic should contact us on info@thewhiteleyclinic.co.uk.

Students from http://www.st-petersschool.co.uk/

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