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Stop under arm sweating with LSA

by – June 28, 2015

Stop under arm sweating – this is the aim of LSA (Laser Sweat Ablation). LSA was- introduced in to the UK in 2009 by Professor Mark Whiteley (see Daily Mail article here).

However, over the last 6 years, Professor Mark Whiteley has continued to develop LSA. He has developed and patented the Whiteley LSA Cannula – currently only used at The Whiteley Clinic.

stop under arm sweating with Laser Sweat Ablation LSA using Whiteley LSA Cannula at The Whiteley Clinic

Stop under arm sweating with Laser Sweat Ablation LSA using Whiteley LSA Cannula at The Whiteley Clinic

This has improved results to stop under arm sweating and reduced complications of the LSA procedure. However nothing explains what it is like than patients who have had LSA themselves.

Stop under arm sweating – Patient Testimonials of LSA

Two patients who have recently had LSA by Professor Mark Whiteley have sent in the following comments:

Dr CL – A Doctor in his 30’s with Hyperhidrosis and Bromhidrosis:

Many thanks to Dr Whiteley and his staff. I had a serious problem of hyperhydrosis/bromhydrosis on my armpits. In November 2014 I had the keyhole surgery and since that day I have never had sweating from underarm. Now I work in Japan, where this thing is considered worst than plague, I can stay between other people without troubles. I’m a medical doctor too and as a M.D. I recommend Dr Whiteley to whoever has a hyperhydrosis/bromhydrosis.”

Mrs AE – A lady in her 20’s with Hyperhidrosis and who wanted to stop under arm sweating:

“Dear Prof Whiteley
I hope you are well.
On our last appointment I have promised to send you e-mail about my experience with LSA.
For me this was life changing. My sweat level went down to nearly noticeable level. I can even get away with no deodorant on the average day. And after whole day at work and sometimes also a session in the gym, my armpits do not smell even a bit.
I have changed all my clothes. No more black! I wear what I want, any colour and fabric I want. It is amazing! It helps with contacts with people, helps my confidence. The list is long. I’m very happy I have tried LSA.
The procedure:
The procedure was fine. I didn’t feel any pain, only very small discomfort from pulling the skin.
The healing process:
The bumpiness disappeared completely.
The only down thing for me was the long healing process, the scabbing area didn’t want to dry and fall off for ages. And still, after 4 months, my armpits skin has quite pinkness and scars. This is however, definitely improving with time.”


Links to see original article on how to stop under arm sweating:


Please note:

LSA is not suitable for everyone. Anyone who is considering LSA will need to be tested for sweating at The Whiteley Clinic and have a consultation with Prof Mark Whiteley.

Patients who have had previous surgery under the arms or who have had severe infections in this area, are not suitable for LSA.

Also, LSA is designed to return your sweating to normal levels NOT to stop sweating completely. ie: if you go to the gym, or very hot places and everyone around you is sweating, the so should you!

LSA is there to try to get your level of sweating to normal – so you get your confidence back both at work and socially.

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