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Students visit The Whiteley Clinic

by – July 10, 2015

13 students from St. Peter’s School in Guildford visited The Whiteley Clinic this afternoon.

Students visit The Whiteley Clinic

The students, all in year 10 at the school, start their GCSE courses in September. They have all expressed an interest in medicine and were given the opportunity to visit the Clinic to learn some basic medical skills.


Getting to grips with stitching

Alice Whiteley, Harry Ashpatel and Scott Dos Santos are summer research fellows working at The Whiteley Clinic and were on hand to welcome the students and give them a guided tour around the clinic and it’s local anaesthetic operating theatre.

The afternoon was planned around a series of fun and interactive activities for the students which had them learning all about stitching, pulse taking, blood pressure and ultrasound technology. By far the most popular session was the one on injecting techniques which saw students practising how to safely administer an injection – through the skin of a banana.

All of the afternoon activities and lectures were hosted and overseen by Professor Whiteley and Mr Barrie Price, Consultant Surgeon at The Whiteley Clinic.

Mrs Daphne Morris of St Peter’s School accompanied the students and said “the students have had an amazing experience. They have learnt so much and have been truly inspired by everyone’s enthusiasm.”

Each of the students left with a goodie bag which included a copy of the book ‘Understand Venous Reflux’ in the hope that it just might encourage them to become the next generation of Vascular Technologists, Doctors and Consultant Surgeons at The Whiteley Clinic.

Thinking of going to medical school?

The Whiteley Clinic run a pre-med course which is aimed at students aged from 15 to 19 who are considering a career in medicine. It gives students a real flavour of what they may expect should they decide to apply for medical training.

A range of subjects are covered from learning about major body systems and reviewing and diagnostic techniques to the practical aspects of patient interviewing and understanding how to prepare for med school interviews.

Students are taught by a range of professionals including Consultants, General Practitioners, medical students and nurses, giving a really comprehensive overview of what it is like to be part of the medical profession.

The cost of the eight week course, which includes a final personal mock interview session, is £299.

The next course is scheduled to commence on Wednesday 16th September, email info@theclinicalexchange.comfor further information.

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