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Successful Open Event and vein consultations in Clifton, Bristol

by – July 25, 2016

Mr Mike Rocker (Vascular Consultant) presents at our Bristol Clinic Open Day.

Mr Mike Rocker ran a day of free varicose vein consultations for those in the Bristol area which resulted in 12 patients needing potentially life changing treatments.

Vein consultation could prove life-changing for patients in Bristol

Bristol Open Event - Mike Rocker Presenting

The consultation day was a huge success with a record turn-out of patients visiting us. We were pleased to be able to refer these patients for further treatments which we hope will make their quality of life much better. Venous conditions are often little-discussed and not well understood. Conditions like varicose veins affect one in three of us and if left untreated can become very nasty indeed. Symptoms include itching and throbbing and worst-case scenario is that they develop into leg ulcers.

We run these consultation days to be able to give vital information to anyone concerned. Patients get a full check-up and advice from our consultants and vascular surgeons.

The next open day at our Bristol clinic in Clifton, will be held on Saturday 12th November.

For more information please visit the events page on our website. Alternatively, contact us by email at events@thewhiteleyclinic.co.uk or call us on 01483 477180.

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