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Successful varicose vein treatment with amazing testimonial

by – June 29, 2016

Hi Andy & Staff @ The Whiteley Clinic,

Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful treatment and care you all showed me during the removal of my veins. 🙂 I can’t remember all the names of the people sorry (Sharon I do!), but I have to say since I came to the clinic by chance 6 months ago and not knowing anything about this minimal invasive treatment to where I am now, I am surprised and still can’t get my head around how quick and effective it was to solve my underlying issue.

I have to say the word laser in the leg would probably make anyone feel apprehensive at first but the way the procedure was explained and constant communication throughout made it actually quite a pleasant experience. 🙂 I was surprised how quick it was and within 2 hours I had finished, coffee, nice biscuit and off I go and walk home – I experienced very minimal discomfort afterwards. I just wish I done it earlier and now I can look forward to a summer holiday without bumps on my legs, very annoying itching or that dull ache feeling!

Aftercare is great as well and the attention I received and advice from nurses was great – you have a good team there that know how to take care on people.

Thank you all once again – see you in 6 weeks.

Best Regards,

PS…the small ulcer on my right leg has now cleaned up!

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