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Surrey Research Park Seminar Series – 20th July with Prof Whiteley

by – July 26, 2016

Surrey Research Park Seminar Series – Guildford

The first seminar in the Surrey Research Park Seminar series was held at The Whiteley Clinic on the evening of Wednesday, 20 July 2016. The subject of the first seminar was:

“How basic science has changed the treatment of varicose veins”

This seminar was given by Prof Mark Whiteley. It ran from 5 PM to 7 PM and was accompanied by wine, soft drinks and nibbles.

During this seminar, members of the audience were encouraged to ask questions and make suggestions, particularly in the areas identified as needing help for future developments.

Surrey Research Park Seminar Series - Science

The aim of the Surrey Research Park Seminar Series

The Surrey Research Park Seminar Series has been set up by Dr Jaya Nemchand, head of research, development and teaching. The aim of the series is to have experts in different areas of science discuss the basics of their field and to identify new areas that require new ideas of research.

By having an interested audience, it is possible that someone in the room has some knowledge that might enable progress in the new areas of research that might not have been possible if the expert had not explained themselves to a wider audience.

It is frequently the case that problems are solved by third parties, usually in completely different disciplines or walks of life compared to the researcher themselves. Hence by bringing interested people together within each seminar, we hope that this will be a fertile cross pollination from people with different ideas and different perspectives.

Surrey Research Park Seminar Series - Networking

Who can come to the Surrey Research Park Seminar Series?

Quite simply anyone who is interested!

The whole idea of the seminar series is to get interested people into one room together to network. This can range from professional scientists, undergraduates, doctors and nurses or members of the public who have no special education with regards the subject being presented, but who are interested in science and how it is progressing.

Where and when?

Title: The Electric Universe and the Biology Within it: Cardiovascular Disease, Orthopaedic Prostheses and Cancer New Treatment Modalities?
Speaker: Professor Anthony Anson
Date: 10th August, 5PM-7PM

If you would like to attend the seminar or would like more information, please contact info@theclinicalexchange.com by Monday 8th August 2016 due to limited space.

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