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Tackling Varicose Veins – article in Woman Magazine

by – May 8, 2019

Tackling varicose veins – article featuring Prof Mark Whiteley in Woman Magazine 2019

Tackling varicose veins featuring Prof Mark Whiteley

An article entitled “Tackling varicose veins” and featuring Prof Mark Whiteley has been published in Woman Magazine.

This double page article covers the subject briefly but thoroughly.

Background and causes of varicose veins:

The article goes through the background and causes varicose veins. It addresses who gets varicose veins and why they occur.

What problems can varicose veins cause:

Many people still think that varicose veins are “only cosmetic”. This has been disproven now for many years.

Untreated, varicose veins go on to cause aching, swelling of the ankles, skin damage and even leg ulcers. In addition, varicose veins can bleed or cause clots. This article goes through the different problems that can occur.

Where varicose veins appear:

Many people still think that varicose veins only affect the legs. This article explains research from The Whiteley Clinic showing that veins in the abdomen and pelvis can become varicose. This can lead to all sorts of vein problems in the lower abdomen, pelvis and groins.

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